Knights Templar

2022-2023 Regular Committees

Aides-de-camp to the Grand Commander
SK David Grindle REPGC (ID)
SK David A. Aponte, REPGC (FL)

Election Tellers
Five (5) SKs who are members
of this Grand Commandery.

Board of Control
SK Steven L. Dazey, REGC
SK Bryan D. Bechler, DGC
SK Jay White, GG
SK Richard Roblee, GCG
SK I. Merle White, REPGC, Treasurer
SK David Aponte REPGC (Fl), Recorder
SK Joseph W. MacIntyre, REPGC (AK)
SK Alan Spreen, REPGC

Distinguished Visitors
SK Jerry Whitney (Chair)
SK Don Beck, REPGC

Technology Committee
SK Michael D. Holland (Chair)
SK David A. Aponte REPGC (FL)
KT Magazine Editor SK Bryan D. Bechler

Time & Place
SK Bryan Bechler, Deputy Grand Commander
SK, Jay White Grand Generalissimo
SK Richard Roblee, Grand Captain General

MMS Facilitator
SK Michael D. Holland (Chair)
SK Michael A. Smitson, Recorder