CHAPTERS 2021-2022

District #1

Bellingham Bay Chapter No. 12
Meets 3rd Monday at Bellingham Lodge,
2626 W. Maplewood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Dark July and August
Dinner at 6:30PM, stated meeting at 7:30PM.
High Priest: VEC Kyle Evenstad
Secretary: VEC Thom Baughn (360) 676-0419

Anacortes Chapter No. 59
Meets 4th Monday at Anacortes Lodge,
1019 8th St., Anacortes, WA,
Dark July, August and December.
Dinner at 6:30PM; stated meeting at 7:30PM.
High Priest: VEC Marion Windell (360-678-6893),
Secretary: EC James R. Gaskill (360-672-1999)

Research Chapter No. 68
Meets 1st Friday at the Arlington Masonic Lodge,
405 N. Olympic Ave., Arlington, WA.
Potluck begins at 6:30PM
stated meetings are: January, April, July and Oct at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC Scott Whippo
Secretary: EC Vance Whippo (425) 244-8092

District #2

Snohomish County Chapter No. 15
Meets 3rd Thursday of Feb, April, June, Sept and Nov
Edmonds Lodge, 515 Dayton St., Edmonds, WA.
Potluck at 6:30PM; stated meeting at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC William Meyring
Secretary: VEC Roger Pankey (206) 446-6236

University Chapter No. 32
Meets 2nd Monday at
4338 University Way, NE, Seattle, WA, except for July and August.
Dinner at 6:30PM; stated meeting at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC Kenneth Gates
Secretary: MEC James Stephens (206) 819-2425

Fellowship Chapter No. 61
Meets the 2nd Tuesday at Ashlar Masonic Temple,
10035 ½ Main St., Bothell, WA, except for July and August.
Dinner at 6:30PM. Stated meeting begins at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC Daniel Southerland
Secretary: VEC Jimmy Norton (206) 542-3413

District #3

Oriental Chapter No. 19
Meets on the 2nd Saturday of Jan, Mar, May, Sept and Nov
at Green Lake Masonic Hall,
307 NE Maple Leaf Pl., Seattle, WA at 10:30AM.
Lunch follows all meetings at a nearby restaurant.
High Priest: EC Tom Christie
Secretary: VEC Coe Tug Morgan (206) 632-2970

Issaquah Chapter No. 39
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday at
St. Andrews Masonic Center, 505 Williams Ave. S, Renton, WA
except for July and August. Potluck at 6:30PM; stated convocation at 7:30PM.
Every September is the annual visitation of Falls City Chapter No. 54.
High Priest: VEC Larry Harger
Secretary: MEC Jerry E. Whitney (206) 241-7510

Falls City Chapter No. 54
Meets the 1st Saturday of June and the
2nd Sat of Jan, Feb, Mar, April, Oct, Nov and December at 4 PM at
4304-337th Place SE, Fall City, WA. Dark in May, July and August.
The September convocation is at 7:30PM on the 2nd Tuesday and
is held JOINTLY with Issaquah #39 at 505 S. Williams Ave., Renton, WA.
High Priest: EC Robert Coats
Secretary: C Joshua Bushman (206) 330-8303

District #4

Robert B. Palmer Chapter No. 46
Meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the
Auburn Masonic Temple, 10 Auburn Way S, Auburn, WA,
except May and December. Potluck dinner at 6:30PM; stated meeting at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC H. Ronald Walker
Secretary: EC Loren Franz (253) 569-3060

Triple Tau Chapter No. 66
Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of month at the
Des Moines Masonic Temple, 2208 S 223rd St., Des Moines,WA.
Dark in July & August. Potluck dinner at 6:30 PM; stated meeting at 7:30 PM.
If May meeting conflicts with Grand Chapter, it may be held at the discretion
of the Chapter High Priest within 10 days of the 2nd Wednesday of May.
High Priest: EC Leonard A. Gottner
Secretary: EC Joey Romero (253) 334-6110

District #5

Tacoma Chapter No. 4
Meets on the 3rd Monday in Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct and Dec
at 5405 S. Puget SoundAve., Tacoma, WA.
Potluck dinner at 6:30PM.
High Priest: VEC Alex Jordon
Secretary: EC Joseph McAlister (253) 241-0358

Olympus Chapter No. 27
Meets on the 4th Monday at the
Bremerton Masonic Temple,
878 5th St., Bremerton, WA, except July and August.
Hosted dinner provided by York Rite body at 6:30PM.
High Priest: MEC Michael Pursey
Secretary: EC Robert Monroe (360) 801-2237

Angeles Chapter No. 38
Meets on the 3rd Monday of Mar, May, Sep and Nov
at the Port Angeles Masonic Temple,
622 S. Lincoln, Port Angeles, WA.
Meetings are in conjunction with Crescent Council No. 18
and Juan deFuca Commandery No. 17.
Hosted dinners before Official Visits at 6:30PM.
Stated meeting begins at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC Tim Hamm No Email
Secretary: EC Theodore E. Shanks (360) 582-0253

District #6

Centralia Chapter No. 44
Meets on the 1st Wed of February, April, June, October and Decr
at the Centralia Masonic Temple, 218 N. Pearl St., Centralia, WA.
Stated meeting at 7:30PM. Refreshments served after the meeting.
High Priest: EC John H. Vivian
Secretary: EC Lawrence M. Byrd (360) 960-8967

District #7

Ellensburg Chapter No. 11
Meets on the 1st Thursday at the
Ellensburg Masonic Temple,
111 ½ W. 6th Ave.,Ellensburg, WA,
except July, August, and Federal Holidays.
Stated meeting at 7:00PM.
Meetings are combined with Ellensburg Commandery.
High Priest: VEC Patrick Stanton
Secretary: C Marco Thompson (509) 901-0736

Pasco Chapter No. 33
Meets on the 4th Wed in January, April, July and October
at the Richland Masonic Temple, 412 Thayer Dr., Richland, WA.
On all other months it opens informally in association with Zadok Council #23
and Pasco Commandery #21. Dark in November and December.
Stated meeting at 7:30PM. Dinner at 6:30PM when Official Visitation takes place.
High Priest: EC Earl Fordham
Secretary: VEC Floyd L. Snyder (509) 967-5757

District #8

Walla Walla Chapter No. 1
Walla Walla Masonic Center, 607 E. Main St., Walla Walla, WA,
Meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month, but formally opens
only the months of January, April and October
except June, July and August. Stated meeting is at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC Sean Scanlon
Secretary: VEC Phillip Woodland (509) 529-3781

Dayton Chapter No. 5
eets the 4th Wednesday of every month except June, July, Aug, Novr and Dec
at the Waitsburg Masonic Temple, 102 W. 2nd St., Waitsburg, WA.
Stated meeting begins at 7:30PM.
High Priest: VEC Mark Scott
Secretary: MEC Robert Truesdale (509) 382-2379

Evergreen Chapter No. 10
Meets the 4th Mon at the Clarkston Masonic Temple, 935 6th St., Clarkston, WA,
except June, July, August and December. Stated meeting begins at 7:30PM.
High Priest: MEC John W. Zeller
Secretary: VEC Steven Kazda (509) 843-3831

District #9

Spokane Chapter No. 2
Meets the 4th Thursday. Except November and December
Spokane Masonic Center, 506 W. 2nd Ave. Spokane, WA 99201
Stated meetings begin at 6:00pm
High Priest: Gene Findley
Secretary: VEC Michael D. Holland (509) 951-4962

Wenatchee Chapter No. 22
Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at the
Wenatchee Masonic Center, 811 N. Chelan, Wenatchee, WA,
except July and August. Stated meetings begin at 7:30PM.
High Priest: EC Steven Verebi Jr. sverebijr@msn.comt
Secretary: VEC Steven Guffy (509) 662-7607

Okanogan Valley Chapter No. 41
Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the
Okanogan Masonic Lodge, 234 Tyee St., Okanogan, WA,
except January and February. Stated meetings begin at 7:30PM.
If the May Convocation conflicts with Grand Chapter,
it shall be held on the fourth Monday.
High Priest: VEC Leonard J. Wyllie
Secretary: MEC Herbert N. Weaver (509) 476-4952