Royal & Select Masters

2022-2023 Committees Grand Council R&SM of WA

Committee on Jurisprudence (3)
MIC E. Jeffrey Craig (Chairman)
MIC Rabi Peifer
VIC Michael Palko-Dean

Committee on Finance (3)
VIC Geoffrey Joosten (Chairman)
RIC Scot Sageser
MIC Bryan Bechler

Board of General Purposes (5)
MIC Steve Dazey (Chairman)
VIC Paul Reckamp (Coordinator)
VIC Karl Reith
IC John Yeager
IC Marvin Colburn

Committee on Correspondence (1)
Grand Recorder

Committee on Time & Place (3)
Deputy Grand Master
Grand Principal Conductor of the Work
Grand Master of Ceremonies

Memorial & Obituaries Committee (3)
Grand Chaplain
Grand Secretary
Line Officer

Committee of Auditing (3)
RIC Joseph McAlister (Chairman)
IC William R Miller
C. James Nero

Committee on Bylaws
and Code Committee(3)
MIC Michael Holland (Chairman)
MIC Rabi Peifer
VIC James Houston

Committee on Charter Councils &
Councils Under Dispensation
(3) MIC Michael Holland (Chairman)
MIC Rabi Peifer
VIC James Houston

Committee on Credentials (3)
VIC Geoffrey Joosten
VIC John Hannaman

Committee on Long Range Planning (3)
Deputy Grand Master (Chairman)
VIC Geoffrey Joosten (Coordinator)
Grand Principal Conductor of Work
Grand Master of Ceremonies

Committee on Youth Organizations (3)
VIC Michael Palko-Dean
IC Alvin Jorgensen
IC John Yeager

Committee on Grievances (3)
MIC Alan Spreen
RPC Anthony Schwab
VIC Paul K. Reckamp

Committee on Membership (3)
RIC Joseph McAlister
VIC Clayton LaVigne
IC Anthony Annable

CMMRF Committee (1)
RPC E. Jeffrey Craig

Committee of the History of
the Grand Council (2)
VIC Karl Reith
MIC Alan Spreen

Committee on Distinguished Visitors (3)
VIC Jerry Whitney
2 Assistants appointed by the MIGM

Committee on Time & Place
RIC Scot Sageser
MIC Bryan Bechler
MIC Alan Spreen

Grand Master’s Advisory Council (1)
MIC Joseph McIntyre

Social Media & Electronic
Communication Committee
(3) MIC Michael Holland
C. Jason
C. James Scardelis