Royal & Select Masters

Elected Officers 2022-2023
Most Illustrious Grand Master MIC David A. Aponte
Deputy Grand Master RIC Scot P. Sageser
Grand Principal Conductor of the Council RIC Joseph L. McAlister
Grand Master of Ceremonies RIC Jay White
Grand Treasurer MIC Bryan Bechler
Grand Recorder MPC David Grindle

Appointed Officers 2022-2023
Grand Chaplain VIC Ian C. Hyde
Grand Lecturer IC Robert W. Guild
Grand Captain of the Guard IC John Yeager
Grand Conductor of the Council IC David L. Sandretto
Grand Steward IC. Bobby R. Baxter
Grand Musician MIC Michael Holland
Grand Sentinel C. Joseph Einertson
Grand Orator VIC Thomas Hodgins
Grand Historian VIC Karl Reith
Assistant Grand Recorder VIC Geoffrey Joosten